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  • Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide
    By on August 25, 2014 | Comments Off  Comments

    snydeq writes The battle over systemd exposes a fundamental gap between the old Unix guard and a new guard of Linux developers and admins, writes Deep End’s Paul Venezia. “Last week I posted about the schism brewing over systemd and the curiously fast adoption of this massive change to many Linux distributions. If there’s one thing that systemd does extremely well, it is to spark heated discussions that devolve into wild, teeth-gnashing rants from (more…)

  • Connected Collar Lets Your Cat Do the War-Diving
    By on August 11, 2014 | Comments Off  Comments

    MojoKid (1002251) writes “Security researcher Gene Bransfield, with the help of his wife’s grandmother’s cat, decided to see how many neighborhood WiFi access points he could map and potentially compromise. With a collar loaded with a Spark chip, a Wi-Fi module, a GPS module, and a battery, Coco the cat helped Gene identify Wi-Fi networks around the neighborhood and then reported back. The goal here is obvious: Discover all of the unsecured, or at (more…)

  • Transformer-Style Scooter Lets You Ride Your Briefcase To Work
    By on March 15, 2014 | Comments Off  Comments

    cartechboy writes “If you’re going to sell a brief case for $6,000, there better be a pony inside — or at least an electric scooter. Who wouldn’t want to transform their boring old briefcase into an electric scooter and zip off to (or away from) work? The Commute-Case, as it’s known, is essentially a briefcase you can ride to work. While in briefcase mode, if you extend sections of the front and back, wheels, handlebars and a step for your feet (more…)

  • Facebook Silently Removes Ability To Download Your Posts
    By on June 5, 2013 | Comments Off  Comments

    dcollins writes “Facebook has a ‘Download Info’ capability that I’ve used regularly since 2010 to archive, backup, and search all the information that I’ve written and shared there (called ‘wall posts’). But I’ve discovered that sometime in the last few months, Facebook silently removed this largest component from the Downloaded Info, locking up all of your posted information internally where it can no longer be exported or digitally searched. Will (more…)

  • Free Wi-Fi: the Movement To Give Away Your Internet For the Good of Humanity
    By on January 30, 2013 | Comments Off  Comments

    pigrabbitbear writes “We are strangely territorial when it comes to our wireless networks. The idea of someone siphoning off our precious bandwidth without paying for it is, for most people, completely unacceptable. But the Open Wireless Movement wants to change all that. ‘We are trying to create a movement where people are willing to share their network for the common good,’ says Adi Kamdar, an activist with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. ‘It’s (more…)

  • Nike+ FuelBand: Possibly a Big Security Hole For Your Life
    By on November 10, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    MojoKid writes “Nike+ FuelBand is a $149 wristband with LED display that tracks your daily activity, tells you how many calories you’ve burned, lets you know how much fuel you have left in the tank, and basically keeps track of ‘every move you make.’ If you think that sounds like a privacy nightmare waiting to happen, it pretty much is. A source directly connected to Nike reported an amusing, albeit startling anecdote about a guy who got (more…)

  • A Piezoelectric Pacemaker That Is Powered By Your Heartbeat
    By on November 5, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    MrSeb writes “Engineers at the University of Michigan have created a pacemaker that is powered by the beating of your heart — no batteries required. The technology behind this new infinite-duration pacemaker is piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is is literally ‘pressure electricity,’ and it relates to certain materials that generate tiny amounts of electricity when deformed by an external force — which, in the case of the (more…)

  • Will Your Books and Music Die With You?
    By on August 25, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    theodp writes “Many of us will accumulate vast libraries of digital books and music over the course of our lifetimes, reports the WSJ, but when we die, our collections of words and music may expire with us. ‘I find it hard to imagine a situation where a family would be OK with losing a collection of 10,000 books and songs,’ says author Evan Carroll of the problems created for one’s heirs with digital content, which doesn’t convey the same (more…)

  • Running Apps From Your Car’s Dashboard
    By on May 5, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader writes “I guess is was inevitable, now that BMW is letting you view and make tweets from behind the wheel, but is it really a good idea to let people run smartphone apps from their dashboard monitor? I guess for navigation you could run your favorite map-app there, but there is nothing to stop people from running other apps on their dashboard too. It might be better than texting from the handset, but I’m not sure I (more…)

  • Jonathan Koomey Answers Your Questions
    By on October 10, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    A couple weeks ago, you asked questions of Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey about what has been dubbed Koomey’s Law — the idea that the energy efficiency of computing doubles every 1.5 years. Read on for Professor Koomey’s answers to the questions you raised.

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.