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  • BitTorrent Launches Project Maelstrom, the First Torrent-Based Browser
    By on December 10, 2014 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader writes BitTorrent today announced the first torrent-based browser. Project Maelstorm, as the app is currently called, is being made available as an invite-only alpha to “a small group of testers.” Although BitTorrent is in the very early stages of the project (testers are being asked to help assess for usability and reliability), the company strongly believes Maelstrom “is the first step toward a truly distributed web, one that (more…)

  • Wolfenstein 3-D Celebrates 20 Years With Free Browser-Based Version
    By on May 10, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    Dr Herbert West writes “20 years ago today, ID software released ‘Wolfenstein 3D’, a remake of a classic Apple II game, ‘Return to Castle Wolfenstein.’ To celebrate, Bethesda Softworks on Wednesday released a free, browser-based version of the iconic first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. Users can pick which level they wish to play in the browser version, even the secret levels.”

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  • Browser Emulation of 1975 Computer Runs First 16-Bit Home Game
    By on April 5, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader writes “Following up on the 2009 story about the first graphics game written for a 16-Bit Home PC, I thought Slashdot readers might be interested in seeing the game in question running in their browsers. The original hardware has been emulated and loaded with the original machine code transcribed from PDF scans. Some brief background here.”

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  • Python Converted To JavaScript, Executed In-Browser
    By on September 19, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    lkcl writes “Two independent projects, Skulpt and Pyjamas, are working to bring Python to the web browser (and the JavaScript command-line) the hard way: as JavaScript. Skulpt already has a cool Python prompt demo on its homepage; Pyjamas has a gwtcanvas demo port and a GChart 2.6 demo port. Using the 64-bit version of Google v8 and PyV8, Pyjamas has just recently and successfully run its Python regression tests, converted to JavaScript, at the command-line. (more…)

  • Microsoft Stops Making IE8 Default Browser – Again
    By on August 11, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Microsoft promised a federal judge it would stop designating Internet Explorer 8 as the default browser on express installations by today. This was part of its antitrust settlement compliance report, in response to an accusation in May by Mozilla and Opera that the software giant was changing users’ default browsers back to IE8…


  • Microsoft Agrees To EU Browser Ballot Screen
    By on July 24, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader sends in coverage from Ars Technica of Microsoft’s capitulation to the EU, after European regulators requested that Redmond bundle multiple browsers on new PCs. “Microsoft has decided that the last thing it needs in this economy is some combination of the following: fines, legal bills, and a delay of Windows 7. It has offered to adopt the European Union’s preferred solution for browser competition: a browser selector screen at (more…)

  • 8 Browser Innovations Started by Opera
    By on June 11, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Even though Opera is the most popular mobile browser in the world, in the desktop market Opera is the most under-rated browser despite having created many innovative features. Which was later copied by other browsers.