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  • Fusion “Breakthrough” At National Ignition Facility? Not So Fast
    By on October 10, 2013 | Comments Off  Comments

    sciencehabit writes “One unintended effect of the U.S. federal shutdown is that helpful press officers at government labs are not available to provide a reality check to some of the wilder stories that can catch fire on the Internet. They would have come in handy this week, when a number of outlets jumped on a report on the BBC News website. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, it reported, (more…)

  • Beam Me Up … Quantum Teleporter Breakthrough
    By on April 15, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    The breakthrough is the first-ever transfer, or teleportation, of a particular complex set of quantum information from one point to another, opening the way for high-speed, high-fidelity transmission of large volumes of information, such as quantum encryption keys, via quantum communications networks.


  • Two-way Radio Breakthrough To Double Wi-Fi Speeds
    By on February 15, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader writes “Scientists at Stanford University have built a radio that can transmit and receive at the same time on the same frequency. The breakthrough could lead to a twofold increase in performance for home wireless networks and end that annoying habit of pilots finishing every sentence with ‘over.'” But you can still do it if you like. I’m not judging.

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.


  • Spain Praying For Semifinal Breakthrough
    By on July 6, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Spain coach Vicente del Bosque sees something special ahead _ _ _ like a World Cup title.


  • Xerox claims a breakthrough in printer technology
    By on October 28, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Xerox announced a new silver ink that it’s calling a breakthrough in printable electronics, a leading-edge concept that’s generated a lot of discussion but few actual products to date. In concept, printable electronics is just what it sounds like: using a printer, basically an inkjet, to print electronic circuits.


  • “Colossal Magnetic Effect” Could Lead To Another Breakthrough In Storage Tech
    By on June 5, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Bryant writes “Scientists with the Carnegie Institution for Science have discovered what could bring yet another massive advance in memory and storage. The discovery, a magnetoresistence literally ‘up to 1000 times more powerful’ than the Giant Magnetoresistence Effect discovered roughly 20 years ago, which led to one of the major breakthroughs in memory, seems to be a result of high-pressure interactions between Manganites. Manganites aren’t new (more…)