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  • New Firefox For Android Beta Released
    By on May 15, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    Mozilla has announced the availability of a new beta version of Firefox for Android. The release notes list many of the new features and fixes, which include Flash support, improvements to panning and zooming, plugins loading only on touch, and a new “Awesome Screen.” They point out that many Android phones are supported, and that a beta version for tablets will be coming soon. Mozilla is asking for help “testing everything from the faster (more…)

  • Blizzard Aiming For Q3 Diablo 3 Beta, 2011 Release
    By on May 9, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    During an earnings call this afternoon, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime revealed the company’s goals for testing and releasing the much-anticipated new chapter in the Diablo series.
    “[Morhaime said], ‘On the Diablo 3 front, I’m pleased to report that we began internal, company-wide testing last week. The game is looking great and we are currently targeting a Q3 launch for external beta testing. The development team is working hard to try to launch Diablo (more…)

  • Halo Reach Beta Trailer: Birth of a Spartan
    By on May 3, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    The live-action Halo: Reach Beta trailer entitled “Birth of a Spartan”


  • Ubuntu’s “Lucid Lynx” Enters Beta
    By on March 23, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    ActionDesignStudios writes “The upcoming release of Ubuntu, titled ‘Lucid Lynx,’ has just entered the beta cycle. Alongside the usual desktop and server versions, a special version has been released that is designed to run on Amazon’s EC2 cloud service. This release of Ubuntu does away with the brown ‘Human’ Gnome theme we’ve all become accustomed to, replaced by a new version Canonical says is inspired by light. The new release also includes much (more…)

  • Epic Beta Proves StarCraft 2 Will Not Suck [w/Pics]
    By on March 17, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    After a Zerg rush of critics have been pressing forward to slam StarCraft 2, the beautiful beta gives players all the reason they need to fall in love with StarCraft all over again.


  • Starcraft 2 Beta Cracked & Available for Download
    By on March 8, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    TeknoGod and Darkblizz have successfully cracked Starcraft 2 beta with a working AI against computers. Teknogods team, LazyTown has plans to emulate a Battle.net server in the near future, but for now, it’s just comp stomp.


  • News from X10: Halo Reach beta dated for May 3rd
    By on February 15, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Some of the news coming out of Microsoft’s X10 event today includes Halo Reach being dated for May 3rd of this year, along with games like Dead Rising 2, Alan Wake, and Lost Planet 2 being dated.


  • GoldenEye: Source Beta 4 Trailer (Video)
    By on January 29, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Source’s Half-Life 2 mod which recreates the classic ’97 game GoldenEye 007. The Beta 4 version is coming soon.


  • Google Upgrades Chrome To Beta For OS X, Linux
    By on December 8, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    wkurzius writes with this nugget from Mac Rumors: “As anticipated, Google has finally released an official beta version of its Chrome browser for Mac. The initial beta version, termed Build, requires Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard, and is only compatible with Intel-based Macs.” And hierofalcon writes with word that Chrome has also been made available as an official Linux Beta.

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.


  • STAR TREK ONLINE – Klingon PRE-BETA Gameplay Video
    By on December 4, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    A sneak peek at STAR TREK ONLINE, the first MMORPG set in the “Star Trek” universe, arriving February 2010 from Cryptic Studios and Atari.