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  • Bernie Carbo: Stoned and Drunk During ’75 World Series
    By on May 21, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Bernie Carbo says he was stoned on drugs and alcohol in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series — a game highlighted by Carbo’s eighth-inning pinch-hit home run that helped the Red Sox win. Carbo was high for Game 7, too, and stunned to learn he would play.


  • Bernie Madoff’s Programmers Arrested
    By on November 13, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    ZipK writes “With their former boss cooling his heels on a 150-year sentence, programmers Jerome O’Hara and George Perez are now in the US Attorney’s crosshairs. They’ve been arrested and charged with criminal conspiracy, and ‘accused of producing false documents and trading records at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in New York.’ Apparently Madoff’s fraud was too large and too complex to be foisted entirely by hand.”


  • NY Mets Made $48 Million Dealing With Bernie Madoff
    By on October 26, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    The Mets Limited Partnership deposited $522.8 million in two accounts with Madoff and withdrew $570.6 million, according to a Monday filing by court-appointed trustee Irving Picard.