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Sifting Mt. Gox’s Logs Reveals Suspicious Trading Patterns

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    Last Updated: May 25, 2014

    This analysis of trading logs from the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange analyzes a subset of the transactions that took there prior to the Mt. Gox collapse, and makes the case that two bots (the writer calls them “Willy,” and “Markus”) were making suspicious transactions which may have been used to intentionally manipulate the trading price, and which can explain the loss of Bitcoin inventory on which the exchange’s failure was blamed. The author of the analysis says “[T]here is more than plenty of evidence to suspect that what happened at Mt. Gox may have been an inside job. What I hope to achieve by releasing this analysis into the wild is for the public to learn the truth behind what happened at Mt. Gox, how it affected the Bitcoin price, and hopefully for the individuals responsible for the massive fraud that occurred at Mt. Gox to be put to justice. Although the evidence shown in this report is far from conclusive, it can hopefully spur a more rigorous investigation into Mt. Gox’s accounting data, both by the public (using the leaked data) and the authorities (forensic investigation on the actual data).”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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