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Next-Gen Atomic Power Position Breaks Inform In China

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    Last Updated: April 19, 2009

    An anonymous reader writes “The construction of triumph next-generation Westinghouse atomic power reactor breaks land in Sanmen, China. The reactor, expected to create 12.7 Megawatts away 2013, costs 40 billion Yuan (~US$6 billion; that’s a division of iPods.) According to Westinghouse, ‘The AP1000 is the safest and most conservative atomic power herb within reach in the worldwide commercial marketplace, and is the exclusively Contemporaries III+ reactor to greet Map Certification from the U.S. Atomic Regulatory Commission (NRC).’ No matter what, Chinese netizens distrust China is being second-hand as a unsullied rat to exam unproven atomic technologies (comments in Chinese).”

    Peruse more of this detective story at Slashdot.


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